Now it seems as if I have been confined to a closed room with four walls for thousands of years. On that day, it suddenly seemed that there was no word like ‘Yours or ‘par’ in the world. After allpushing a person away is not a good thing at all. These are very evil deeds. ‘If a man goes back to the roots of man, he will understand that man is not very far from man. Everyone is very close. Everyone is bound in shackles. These contagious people are teaching the nation not to confine their lives by enclosing these four walls. People do not walk on any road of anger or rage or away from being trapped in the fence of anger and pride. No kingdom of this world belongs to the king alone, not every dust of the kingdom belongs to the victors, even to those who are invincible, all those who are wounded or killed are the people of this world.

Everyone has a rate here. Neither Genghis Khan nor Hitler’s bullets hit everything.

Some people in the prison of the sky for whom only this world has kept hatred, anger, and resentment in their bosom, a roar in the ears of the In humans who look like these ferocious people will say in their ears, Give love, give love’.

On that day, he will be burnt to ashes due to lack of love, he will wander around with wounds, his throat will be choked with thirst, he will cry out in pain for lack of love, and he will say, Give a drop of water love, a drop of water. That day he will not find love. Because no one has ever loved him with tears in his eyes or blind faith. Love this world. So spread love, fly and float in the water.

People and animals also want someone or some people to love him. People need in need lovePeople and animals also want someone or some people to love him. Many fall in love, whether love comes back or not – not everyone wants revenge, they don’t have a headache. but no one wants an injury, no one wants a wound inside the chest. Cloudsblack eyes, wet sky, no one wants to see.

For this reason, a person can’t slap possible for a person to slap a person in the village for any reason or any other reason. People who criticize without knowing the inside out are proverbs.

Once a person leaves home for the sake of life, he does not return home in the true sense of the word. The mind will weep, will hold its chest, will feel lonely; even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

People leave home so that the people they love can be good, and when they return homethey are drawn to love.”

This is what everyone says, Dhaka is the city of life, money flies in the air here. It is really good to be here, inhuman can be human, there is no lack of work; how much more… but if you go looking for tuitionyou will see that your fungi Fadi will be ten.

In this city, you have to eat rice once and chew stones ten times. But will cook the rice and leave. You will sit down to eat and see if there is no salt if there is salt you will see that nothing is cooked well; Though all is well – come to the weary body and see a cockroach with fourteen legs spread out in fourteen directions; there is nothing to do. You have to eat. Since you don’t have a chance to see if the cat and mouse are lickingyou have to eat the deer mouse cats without licking them.

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