One of my girlfriend‘s sisters could not be placed on the reading table in any way. His parents and sisters all worked hard to get him to study and pass SSC.

At that age, the number of her boyfriends exceeded ten.

The news of getting married in secret also came to my ears once.

After SSC, the girl went to the consent of everyone, married one, and started a family.

After a year of marriageshe saidshe was tortured by her husband‘s family. He came to his father‘s house. There too he was the victim of inhuman torture.

According to the latest news, she said that her husband used to rape her every night and she regretted that her parents had married her at a very young age without teaching her how to read. That is why today he is so helpless, so much oppressed.

Rape and sexual intercourse are not the same things.

Yes, we all know that. But I don’t know why, I‘ve been confusing the two lately.

Girls total yes, half yes, light yes, consensual physical intercourse is no longer “rape” anyway.

No means – no.

Going against this “no“, if your husband also forces you to have sexual intercourse, in a sense it is also rape.

But the love was five years, the physical relationship was six and a half years; then you hurriedly said one day – Omul (boyfriend) has been raping you for the last nine years. How did it not happen?

“Women abuse case” is a very effective case! If you stand on the street and look at a boy and shout in pairs, the boy will be beaten first, then maybe someone will want to know – brother, what are you doing? Why am I hitting you? 3

Rape is far more sensitive than “torture. Like you, I won’t protest and resist.

But the word should not be misused in any way, there is no need to keep a sharp eye!

Criminal boy or girl!

It is more important to know if he has committed the “crime” than to know it.

Private job! Potato can be found, no matter!

Professional Masters! Does that matter? Just sit the exam! Chalchalaya passes.

Online Business! It’s an umbrella head again! I bought two clothes and put them on the page. What else does it take?

YesI do a private job. You have to take one test every week in the office. With the confidence that I know about my workI somehow pass. 3

As long as I am in the officeI have to do the office. I have never had time to eat tea or biscuits by shaking my legs during office hours.

Then, at the end of the officeI ran home and sat in front of my laptop to take classes.

As much as I have studied businessI have understood; online business is just as difficult as offline business.

In the morning and the afternoonyou have lot of fun throwing “whatever you want” comments! Please tell, which’s the story of their big puppy. would also like to know who has been able to add how many professional degrees are next to his name.

I am interested to know what you do in business, how much profit you have seen;

He fights for his life in his place.

Believe me.

I can’t eat rice all at once by selling those silly “comments” of yours.

That’s it! For now, keep your “comments” in mind.

The day before yesterday,

At the end of the account in the officeI saw that 100 rupees did not match. In the end, I could not match in any way. 3

I feel very bad. Almost everyone around me said Ah! So upset? One day 500 did not match, one day 6000 did not match.

Hearing this, I thought! Only 100 rupees! That’s lot less than the 6000 that didn’t match.

Diameter, my mind got better. 3

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