Private job! Potato can be found, no matter!
Professional Masters! Does that matter? Just sit the exam! Chachalaca passes.
Online Business! It’s an umbrella head again! I bought two clothes and put them on the page. What else does it take?
YesI do a private job. You have to take one test every week in the office. With the confidence that I know about my workI somehow pass. 3
As long as I am in the officeI have to do the officeI have never had time to eat tea or biscuits by shaking my legs during office hours.
Then, at the end of the officeI ran home and sat in front of my laptop to take classes.
As much as I have studied businessI have understood; online business is just as difficult as offline business.
In the morning and the afternoonyou have lot of fun throwing “whatever you want” comments! Please tell, which’s the story of the big puppies. Would also like to know who has been able to add how many professional degrees to his name.
I am interested to know what you do in business, how much profit you have seen.

He fights for his life in his place.
Believe me.
I can’t eat rice all at once by selling those silly “comments” of yours.
That’s it! For nowkeep your “comments” in mind.
At the end of the day, the children must thank Allah for the parents who have become destitute to meet the daily unlimited banana and crores of water. But that gratitude stops at a certain point. When the parents grow old, in the last life, when they want a little caress, care, love, they deserve it in a hurry.
husband who works for the family day and night, if he wants a little peace in the family, the respect he deserves, some wives come rushing to quarrel. The wife is no exception.
That’s how Relation Superduper works. But when the girl says – “Now I have to get marriedI deserve it”, I don’t know why the relationships themselves put their throats under the truck.
After hearing the boy‘s “It will take me a while to get married“, I saw a very close relationship.
Notice, the basic rules of almost every relationship are the same.
Leave your own, understand the othermanageobey. As long as the rules are followed, the relationship stays in its place. Whenever you turn the rules — “Understand yourself a little, manageobey” — then the parents understand, the husband is not good, the wife is lostthe lover is unfaithful and the lover becomes a coward.
According to the customs of the society
I deserve it, why don’t I get it! – That’s a little guy. He who utters these words in his mouth is a street dog. He can be made to eat sticky flesh and bones by standing outside the gate, but he cannot be picked up from the room and placed on the sofa.
Want to be a good mother/father, ideal husband/wife, faithful boyfriend/girlfriend? There are only two things to do.
First – you need to learn to ask questions correctly
Why don’t I get what I deserve? Instead, I have to say – which or that I will get what I deserve?
On the first page of the second receipt, the book should be written in big letters, I can smileThen the rest of the pages of the book should be carefully torn.

Diameter! Then who stops happiness!

Nowadays, being able to smile at any time, in any situation has become the only success in life. Did you laugh or cry or did you act as if you were crying? Who is that, when did you want to know Mister?

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