Sometimes successful people read stories of failure. Sounds weird. The people who survived to die have become idols among us today.

I prefer small people to big people. But don’t listen to the stories of small people. Do their story a little; make it as miserable as it is miserable. They are not their way in the world. They are not their way. They can’t! These people want to say a lot but are not told. They understand less! It is a crime to try to make people understand; that’s not to say. But I mean, You are one That’s you! No one on earth has been made like you.

Your story is yours. You are the hero of your story. Your story is different from everything else! You have a different story, but you have to discover it.

I can not mean you can’t; because you don’t believe in yourself.

I mean you can! But until you can, you have to believe ‘I can’. Everything in life is not discovered in a hurry. Success comes after failure. Success will come easily, success will not come in a hurry; success is a very expensive thing. He will come to arrange. The word ‘I can not be invented for people. No one in the world can swallow people. Every successful man has a story of failure before his story.

I can not mean accepting the rate before you go on the field before you fight.

The unfortunate man who was fired from his own company later became Steve Jobs, who changed the world. The man who returned after 27 years in solitary confinement on a desert island has become the country’s president and Nobel laureate, Nelson Mandela. Albert Einstein is known in the world today as a boy with a mental disability who could not speak until the age of four, unable to read until the age of seven. Sylvester Stallon is one of the best action heroes of all time. Mashrafe the most successful captain of the has to his from. It takes a couple of years to build a house, but it doesn’t take two or four days to demolish it. You can quit your job with a pen sign, but you will never get a job with a pen sign.

Every successful person makes a story of failure before success. Success is the conclusion of a failed essay. People who have succeeded in the world have failed before. Not once or twice; repeatedly. I have never heard of successful people fleeing the field. They fight on the field. The rate once, rate again and again; yet he never leaves the field. “I succeed every time I fail and still keep trying,” said Tom Hopkins. Sylvester Stallon, Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela, Mashrafe, and you never can!

A man never loses to others. He loses to himself. People do more harm to themselves than they can do to others. Success is the ladder built with failure. The ladder of success is built step by step with failure. Once you have failed, it means that the ladder of success has completed one step. Failing, again and again, means that the ladder of your success has almost come to a standstill, and some way to Peru it will be completed, But there are conditions! Never go without a hull.

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