You will give one lakh rupees to a person very close to you. Then say – I have a fever, whooping cough, sometimes having trouble breathing. This is the kit and this is my nose. Now, with a future in the nose, see if I have the corona!

Then you will see with wide eyes, how that man of yours throws‘s money on your face and makes a noise in the name of Allah!

Once you know you are infected with the coronavirus, the person you love will gently separate your plate. This is the rule.

In such a situation, even though you are suspected, some people go to your house and take care of your COVID-19 sample.

The man who collects 40-50 samples in one hand, in this unbearable heat, after PPEsuffers much more than you suffer while standing in line to give samples.

The whole group, including you, is worried about the word “positive” or “negative” at the moment; believe me, the families of those who serve you from standing in front of you to alleviate your worries are equally terrified.

If you are a landlordyou tell them to leave, when they go to your house for sample collection, do not ask them to sit down, do not give them a glass of water, do not even say “thank you”!

Trust me, the only corona in your life can be “positive”, everything else is very negative.

If the heat of money is too much, then put the half-eaten thing called “PPE” on your body and stand still in the sun. Not for long, just 20-30 minutes.

Then let me know, coronavirus or life war! Which is more horrible!

Manchu, if you give money, maybe the tiger‘s eye can be found in the palm of your hand. But the life of a tiger can never be written in one’s name.

A tiny coronavirus can turn a “negative” head-to-toe like yours into a “positive” at any moment.

You have that bag full of money that you can’t do any at all, don’t you understand it yet??

The husband had been insulted by his family, and the girl had poisoned her entire family in one night.

He was sentenced to death in the Supreme Court. But even after 12 years in prison, his sentence was not carried out. The girl has been raped inside the jail almost every day for the last 12 years. Outside physical abuse, she endured indescribable mental anguish.

Every day he asked his superior for death. Because it was much easier for him to die than to live.

One girl has been raped a total of 241 times after being held captive for 52 days. The girl said before she diedIf I die today, please! You don’t rape my body anymore. Bury my body in the ground and sprinkle a little cold water on it.

One cancer patient had an insect in his mouth. The whole body smelled so bad that no one wanted to go near it. After 11 days, he took off his oxygen mask. Even though a drop of water rolled down his eyes at the time of death, there was a sweet smile on his lips!

Cruelty is not only in death, Sometimes living becomes much more frightening than dying…

know that the word “death” is engraved on everyone’s forehead, However, those who get the pain of death once are undoubtedly lucky.

Those who endure this torment every day; I don’t know if there are any additional opportunities for them in heaven, But there is no doubt that this world is too cruel for them.

Life is beautiful beyond all this. Why beautiful!

Because, the taste of life is fleeting, the “infinity” of death.

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