Once upon a time, a famous scientist from the United States rushed to find out the existence of the soul in the human body. His great desire to know, how to see the human soul/soul! When you dieyou know how and where you disappear. Where is the body of a living person? At one point in his research, he built an air-tight and bullet-proof house. Mosquitoes, flies are far from this house, not a single atom of oxygen can get out. Then a dying patient was brought to that room. The patient‘s pressure and weight were measured. This dying person weighs 80 kg. Shortly after entering the room, his oxygen max was opened The patient breathed his lastleaping like a fish. In the room now only the dead man and his soul. The researcher began to look for spirits around the room. But nothing was found anywhere. Disappointed, the researcher weighed the dead man again. This time his weight is 78 kg!

Incredible thing! Weight 60 kg whiles alive, 78 when dead. However, the weight of the soul or soul is 2 kg! However, science never comes to a conclusion based on an eventThe renowned scientist brought another dying patient into the room. This time his weight was measured in the same way. This time the patient‘s weight is 60 kg. He was then killed in the same process. The researcher anxiously weighed the dead body. The weight of the body is 71 kg! Thus, the research continued for a long time. But the exact weight of the soul was not found. The weight of the corpse sometimes increases, sometimes decreases. No existence of the soul was found in that house. Some things can never be researched. Even all the difficult theories of medical or science are incapable of explaining some existence. Some things just have to survive by believing.

It is in the hadith – you establish prayers. The door of mercy is always open for you.
The question on the other side of faith is – if the prayers do not mercury disappears! Don’t go down with rice! Are people sick?
The answer is no. If the prayers are not performed, no one will die instantly, he will not be harmed.

Called – birthdeathmarriage; with three providers.

Is this also trueWhen the stomach worms can be thrown on the street, you can be killed with medicine. He can be shot dead at any time. Then how is birth, death in his hands! And get married! Nowadays, it is possible to do it by tying and tying. Then!!! What is the reason behind all this? Is there anything at all? There is an argument. But the problem is that they are not in the measure of time, they are in the manipulation of the moment. Don’t pray year after year. Nothing will happen to you. Then hurry up and read Jainamaz one day. You will understand in a moment – there is something around. Something like this gives peace of mindgives confidence. This feeling is exactly “mercy.“He can indeed be killed from time to time, but it is not possible to make a fetus from time to time. Sometimes, even if you marry her, she will not get the license to be the husband/wife in the next life. The one who is sitting on the top has given everything to the people. The ability to keep track of the moment. People calculate minuteshoursdays, or years. Maybe bigfamous people keep track of the seconds. But the moment! At any moment a fetus is born! At any moment the soul is separated from the body, at any moment Allah‘s mercy is showered on you! Do you know?
The reckoning of the moment is in his hands. Believe me.
People get the punishment of lifelong sin instantly. His reward for the good deeds of his life is in the moment.

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